Square Dancing in the Twin Tiers Region of New York and Pennsylvania

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The fun of SQUARE DANCING is one of this country’s best kept secrets.

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Please accept my 
invitation to our
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 OK, now that you have been invited please, consider this friendly invitation carefully.


I have heard all the excuses and they just don’t matter, for instance:”


I’ve got 2 left feet?”

We will show you how to use them both for fun!”


If it is fun, it is fun and if you try it you may like it.


Ah… Getting you to try it, that is the trick.


That is what this invitation is all about.  You may bring your family, a friend or friends or a date.  Bring half the people on your block if you want or maybe even bring your wife or husband.

What can I expect if I come to a dance?


Your first impression -- a room of friendly people, couples, maybe families with children, teenagers, no doubt beginners like yourself.  At the appointed time the caller divides the crowd into squares, eight people in each square.  The music starts.  A commanding rhythm urges your feet to move.  The caller provides direction and before you know it you're an important part of a larger unit.  You’re keeping up with the caller's instructions, working your way through interesting patterns (bow to your partner; bow to your corner; do-sa-do; right and left grand).  The plan begins in the mind of the caller but comes alive with the participation of everyone in your square.


The music stops.  The set is over but you are changed.  You're part of a smiling company.  You've successfully danced your way through a progression of interesting formations and arrived back where you started.  You're breathing a little faster.  Unexpected energy is coursing through your body.  You're ready to do it again because a new thought has come into your head.  THAT WAS FUN!


Square dancing has many benefits.  It is a great family activity.  The whole family can be together in the same square or children can dance with children and adults can dance with adults.  It is good for the body and the mind. Square dancing is inexpensive entertainment and, did I mention, it is great fun.  For other benefits of square dancing visit the Just for the FUN of it link.


Please allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Andrew DonDero.  My wife is Joanne.  We have enjoyed square dancing since we where teens and now our school aged daughter “Katie” and her friend go dancing with us all the time.  


The magic of square dancing enchanted me from the very first night.  I was 14.  The memory of that night persists: the warmth of the girls’ hands, the steady primal beat, the engaged focus necessary to execute the caller’s next command.  The last song of that first night echoed in my head the whole next week.  Each week I found myself looking forward to the next dance.


This feeling persists to the present as I sit here and write this today knowing I am going dancing tonight.  I still find it thrilling looking forward to each dance.  Come and have something new to look forward to yourself.


invite you to have some fun.

Come Square Dancing

with caller, Andrew DonDero and Round Dace with Carl Drake


Early ROUNDS 6:30 pm.

St. Charles Borromeo Church,

130 Oakwood Ave., Elmira Heights, NY

(Park in the back, go down the steps to the dance hall.)

$3 a person - $2.50 for full time students.


NO WEEKLY COMMITMENT Come when you can.

All are invited BASIC, MAINSTREAM, and PLUS

COME SOLO Dress up a little, wear comfortable shoes


For more information call Andrew – (607) 732-9827

Visit us on the web at www.allsquaredup.com


This makes this invitation and little more personal.  Come down and let us meet you.  Share the fun and satisfaction of square dancing.